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About FINRA Abritration

Virtually all broker-dealer firms require customers to arbitrate claims they may have against the firm and the brokers they employ. 


What About Mediation?

Mediation is an informal, voluntary method of dispute resolution whereby the parties select a mediator to help them achieve a satisfactory settlement.


Securities Litigation

Securities litigation in court may be available against financial firms and other companies when there is no arbitration agreement.


Our Philosophy.
Welcome. Attorney Birgitta Siegel commits her decades of sophisticated securities litigation/arbitration experience to helping investors recover losses suffered due to broker misconduct. Because investor cases are extremely fact-intensive, and aggrieved investors already have been neglected by a trusted broker/advisor, we strive to afford clients a high level of personal attention. Not only do we want to meet client expectations, we want to exceed them! We leave no stone unturned in our resolve to reach the best outcome for you, the valued client.

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